Video is Important to Small Businesses

Besides making your blog look and feel more modern, adding video can also help with your search engine ranking and your organic listings. Google owns You Tube and videos are indexed very quickly. Adding video to your blog can actually help it come up higher in search engine ranking, provided you put in the description keywords users are searching.

Got a Facebook Fan page for your blog? Video helps with that too. Facebook no longer ranks status updates by those that are most recent. Their precise method of determining rank isn’t known, but Facebook experts say that having video on your page does help your status update to be higher. Of course, the more exposure like this, the better.

Technology has made it easier to than ever to create videos. Smart Phones are sophisticated enough to shoot optimal video. Webcams can capture your message if you’d rather just read your critique of a restaurant. There are several inexpensive video-editing programs on the market today. In fact, if you own a Mac it comes with a simple, easy to use program called iMovie. If you have set up your blog and are capable of basic computer functions you can quickly become a master video producer with iMovie.

Camera shy? Not to worry. Use the pictures you take and add text and music to make a stunning video without ever having to get in front of the camera. Blog readers also love to see chef interviews, which is another option for those that want to remain behind the scenes.

Tips for a great Video
• Keep is short – one minute and under
• Make sure the music you use is not copyright protected
• Include pictures of dishes, restaurant interior, customers and staff
• Make sure it is easy to hear and understand anyone speaking or being interviewed

If you still don’t feel comfortable editing videos yourself, try sites like, or where you can get this done very inexpensively. Don’t be scared of making videos – it is a fun way to add even more creativity to your blog. Jump in and get started and perfect your skill the more videos you create.

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